New Years Eve Outfit

New Years Eve Outfit

I’m a little bit late in posting this as Christmas has set me a little back as I had to travel back and forth up the country visiting family that I haven’t seen since the previous Christmas being a busy bee and all, but here it is, the day before! – And does anyone else feel like this year has gone way too fast? I feel like I’m still recovering from last NYE’s hangover!

As you can see, this year I’ll be at a masquerade themed party which I’m really excited about as I’ve always wanted to do this kind of theme even though it is pretty overdone, I’ve never had a chance to get a pretty mask and go to one (yes I did think about creating an outfit and using my ubiquitous Ray-Ban Sunglasses instead, I really did) I wanted to keep it all black and simple as after all, I’m a girl of versatility and comfort and the last thing I want is to freeze in this bitter weather we’re having right now in London – and how perfect is this jumpsuit from Primark?! It reminded me of one we had in at Whistles which I loved and since I had a £100 gift card at Primark I decided to go for it as it’s so cute and D-ring belted waists are my fave this season – so hats off to Primark for this one!

In other news, I haven’t even written about my Christmas yet, so Merry Christmas guys! I hope you’ve all had a fab day, whatever you did! I haven’t had a lot of time lately to get stuff done as I’ve been pretty sick with vertigo with doesn’t make good for shooting, so I just thought i’d share a couple of snaps from my day as a little update.

I spent my day with my family in Yorkshire and from 8am (yeah we get pretty excited….) spent the morning opening presents and my dad and I preparing Christmas dinner and playing with the cats (it’s the little things that make Christmas so great).

Being 22 I don’t exactly get lavished in toys and gifts anymore, but I was treated and my favourite gift of all has to be this gorgeous bag from Whistle’s limited collection which is definitely going to be glued to my shoulder! Other than that, I received random bits like euros for my February trip to Paris, perfume and of course, a zillion kilos of chocolate!

And now, I’m going to gain another 20 stone and finish off Christmas leftovers (definitely going to be needing some teatox/detox suggestions after this week!), ciao for now and enjoy the rest of your Christmas guys!