Best Business Laptop Brands for 2021

Best Business Laptop Brands for 2021

Are you on the road for your business? Or working from home for 2021? Either way, you’ll need a beefy laptop to keep pace with the ever advancing business demands on our technology.

Apart from being reliable as a daily workstation, a business laptop needs to be efficient and powerful to quickly formulate your inputs into spreadsheets and work on heavy systems.

A business laptop needs accessories. Find the latest and greatest laptop accessories by reading what real-world customers bought in Coolshop reviews to narrow your shopping list. Make sure to read office supplies reviews to find which office equipment you actually need for 2021.

#1: Lenovo:

The most highly rated business laptop brand for 2021 is undoubtedly Lenovo. Their sub-brand ThinkPad is iconic for durability, reliability, performance, long battery life, processing power, and memory storage. The Lenovo ThinkPad range was, of course, the only laptop to be used on the International Space Station thanks to its strength, data protection and zero-gravity durability.

Business laptops are different to everyday consumer laptops. These models need to stand up to many hours of hard work, lugging about from car to offices, through airports, and coffee spills. With a laptop model for every type of business person in their lineup, Lenovo is tops amongst IT managers and businesses.

#2: HP:

HP’s business laptops feature market-leading computer security. Their data protection features make their laptops for business people a must-have. These features include:

  • a BIOS auto-recovery protection that has ‘self-healing’ technology to maintain the integrity of data.
  • are equipped with features that allow your laptop to perform critical applications when malicious software tries to shut them down.
  • has built-in protection from malicious files on websites.
  • offers instant protection and self-healing against visual hacking.

#3: Dell:

Dell is another brand that’s top of business leaders’ shopping lists. Dell’s business laptops are the fastest in terms of operating performance. For high-performance tasks, their range of business laptops offer fast number crunching, excellent memory storage, and the greatest RAM processors in the market.

What are the things you should look for in a business laptop?

1) Protection:

No matter if you travel a lot, or you work in a factory, you want your laptop for business to stand up to life’s knocks, bumps, and scrapes, and a few drops of coffee and biscuit crumbs. Most laptops come in plastic casings. Normal, consumer laptops’ plastic casings will not stand up to the rigours of business. The higher-end business laptops all feature rugged casings made from durable materials such as tough plastics and even aluminium casings. Your laptop is a complex system underneath the casing. One hard knock, and it can break the laptop. Those hard drives, processors, and power supplies need to be protected as best as possible.

2) Processing Power:

A mid-level business laptop will easily run the latest Windows operating system. You need a laptop to run a plethora of applications at the same time, while also streaming services on the Internet such as a remote network, video conferencing, or other network features. The faster the processor, the more your laptop can do at any time. Beef up the laptop’s RAM to the highest level for extra power.

3) Battery Capacity:

A business laptop needs to last a good few hours while unplugged. Remember that you won’t always be at your desk, nor will you have it plugged into a power socket. Make sure it has a long life battery to at least offer 5 hours of battery life.