3 Social Security Secrets Every Married Woman Should Know

3 Social Security Secrets Every Married Woman Should Know

No matter where you are in life, it’s probably a good time to start planning for retirement, and that includes knowing the benefits received through Social Security. However, for millions of married women in the U.S., the topic of retirement brings up a mix of emotions and questions. To reduce any anxiety and confusion about social security benefits Wyckoff NJ, use this simple guide to 3 Social Security secrets that every married woman should know.

Being Married Doesn’t Limit Benefits

Whether she is married or not, a woman will get her own Social Security benefit. If she has worked outside the home, she will not be limited to one-half of the Social Security benefits her spouse has earned, but rather be able to receive the credits she has earned if they pay the higher rate.

As an example, if your spouse has earned a Social Security benefit of $1,300 per month and you have earned a benefit of $1,400 per month, the total amount of Social Security benefits you earn on a monthly basis will total $2,700.

Widows May Receive Additional Benefits

Once a widow reaches the age of 60, she is eligible for 71 percent of her spouse’s Social Security benefits. That number jumps to 100 percent once she reaches full retirement age, around 65. If you were living with your spouse when they died, you may also receive a one-time death benefit of over $200.

Divorced Women May Be Eligible for Their Ex’s Social Security

If a …

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Tips for Maximizing Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Tips for Maximizing Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

These days, consumers do a lot of their shopping online. As the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, you may struggle to draw new customers and retain current customers. Here are a few tips to make your store more welcoming to customers shopping on foot rather than online. 

Pay Attention to Market Needs and Trends

Strive to remain current on market trends and needs. Do not be afraid to try something new, especially regarding current trends in your geographic location and specific industry. Pay attention to what other businesses in your industry are doing and whether those strategies work. You could have the chance to work with local companies to cross-promote your services or products

Hire Professional Cleaners 

By hiring commercial janitorial services Brooklyn Park MN, you not only keep your business looking its best, but you also free up your employees. By not having to clean around the store, your employees can put their full focus on customers and other tasks. This means your business doesn’t look half-clean, and your customers do not feel half-neglected. 

Hire the Right People 

Speaking of employees, hire a team well-versed in the finer points of offering great customer service. You’ve got to offer customers an experience they can’t get online, which means hiring workers who remain fully engaged with customers, represent your business culture, embody your business values and have great interpersonal skills. 

Emphasize the Lack of Delivery Times

Shopping online is undoubtedly convenient, but shoppers must wait for their delivery to …

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3 Reasons To Hire a Payroll Specialist

3 Reasons To Hire a Payroll Specialist

When you run a business, you have to think about a lot of things. And as your business grows, you may decide to hire more employees to help you out. While hiring employees can be great, working with, say a payroll specialist Portland or elsewhere, offers many benefits. Whether you want to save money or get the best service possible, consider hiring a company or individual who specializes in the area where you need help.

1. Expertise

Payroll specialists have specific experience that helps them do their job. If you hire a general accountant or HR manager, they may be able to do payroll. However, it won’t be their main focus, and they’ll have to juggle it with other tasks. When you hire a specialist to manage your payroll, they will focus on that task and nothing else. Then, you can make sure you pay the right amount to your employees.

2. Budget

Even if you don’t need the experience of a specialist, hiring one can save you money. By working with a company, you can pay for just the service that you need. You won’t have to spend money on a full-time salary or benefits, and you can work with the company when necessary. Whether you’re starting your business or haven’t been as profitable, saving money is always a great goal.

3. Accuracy

When it comes to managing payroll, a specialist will typically be more accurate than a generalist. They know how to set up payroll and create paystubs …

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What Is an Anilox Roll?

What Is an Anilox Roll?

In the flexographic printing process, it is essential that the ink is delivered to the printing plate in a precise manner. This is accomplished by using a specialized part known as an anilox roller. This is an integral part of any printing process and should not be chosen at random. There are varying properties of an anilox roller and selecting the right one will depend on what is being printed and other application specifics.

The Basics

Anilox rollers are hard cylinders usually made of metal or ceramic-coated metal. Their surface is not completely smooth. Instead, it is engraved with tiny cells in a uniform pattern. These cells are what allow the printing ink to be delivered at a consistent volume. Doctor blades remove the excess ink from the roller and allow the cells to provide a precise amount.

Understanding Line Screen

Line screen or line count is one way to specify the properties of an anilox roll. It has a direct correlation to volume. It basically defines the number of cells per linear inch across the surface of the roller. Low line screen rolls will not be capable of providing the quality needed in some applications. Conversely, a high line count will not be able to deliver enough ink for other jobs.

Cleaning Anilox

Anilox rolls should always be cleaned and maintained properly. It is critical to do this immediately after use, especially when using water and oil based inks. Anilox cleaners contain chemicals that are formulated to easily remove …

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Best Insurance Types for Businesses

Best Insurance Types for Businesses

Whether you own a business that’s been around for decades or are just getting started with your first business venture, there are plenty of operational considerations you must make every day. One of the most common considerations is ensuring your business has the proper coverage in case the unexpected happens. You should make it a point to review your business insurance annually to ensure that you have the right coverage for your needs. If you aren’t sure which coverage is right for you, here are some of the best insurance types for businesses regardless of industry or size.


Whether you rent your business space or own it outright, having property insurance is a vital type of business insurance Newark DE. Property insurance can protect you from incidents that may occur that could result in damage to your space, such as fire, theft, and other unexpected issues. This type of coverage can also vary depending on where your business is located, so be sure you talk with an advisor about what type of property insurance coverage is best for you.


If you use an automobile as part of your business, then this insurance type is an absolute must. It can protect you and your employees while using a company vehicle for work-related purposes. Not only does it protect your automobile and those in it, but it can also cover any expenses that may be related to accidents involving other people. 

Worker’s Compensation

If your business employs people, then …

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