The First Step to a Good Relationship with Mexican Business

The First Step to a Good Relationship with Mexican Business

Formality is a basic Mexican business practice. Unlike the U.S. where people start talking to each other by first names, Mexicans have a more formal way to talk to each other. During the introduction, you must use the last name of the person who is preceded by a Senor for men or Senorita for women. Don’t call a woman Señora. Señora is only used when talking to married women. This assumption can be dangerous. If the woman is married or elderly, she will be flattered that you are arrested as a Senorita. If the woman is married, she will tell you.

Professional Degrees Are Very Important In Mexico

The two most common titles are Ingeniero for Computer engineers and programmers and Licenses for lawyers. A license is also used to compare someone with a bachelor’s degree. Licenciado for men while Licenciada for women. Lic. is an abbreviation for Licenciado / a and Ing. for Ingeniero / a.

Learn The Person’s Title As Soon As Possible And Start As Needed

If the person you are talking to is Licenciado, instead of having to say Lic. Every time you want to talk to that person, you can say Licenciado. The use of the title itself is acceptable. We often use the title of the conversation for certain people such as “Officers”, “Assignments” and “Doctors”.

Your Mexican Host Might Distract You As Licenciado

The title allows you to discuss how others see you. If you do business, whether, by telephone or in-person, most Mexican professionals will consider you a Licenciado which means you have a college degree. If you are introduced or addressed thus, just accept it and realize they will call you Licenciado during your conversation.

Understanding the title is very important because you will need it in all your communications. Some time ago, I was representative of one of the largest medical industry trade shows in the U.S., RSNA, Radiological Society of North America. I was introduced to the Regional Sales Director for a successful US producer, Dunlee. This company does international business with Canada and Mexico. I hope a director knows about the most basic business positions in Mexico.

The Director Must Issue A Letter To Me

Because I represent a company from Mexico, the Director might make notes about letters that should be addressed to Mexican professionals. Imagine my surprise when I compiled I received a letter from an international company that was submitted to Mr. Lic. Villasana. What did I say about this company? All in the organization have no clue about how the degree works in Mexico.

If I were a Mexican businessman who received this message, I would know that the company was not interested in knowing the absolute basics of how to accept me. This means that whoever greets the letter, the Director or subordinate, does not understand it “Lic.” not a nickname or short for someone’s name.

I told this story to several Mexican professionals. People can’t trust U.S. businesses can make mistakes like that. After the other professionals stopped laughing, his comment was similar to, “That’s screaming!” Professionals arguing about ignorance or ignorance with this title indicate, tend to, a careless attitude towards doing business with Mexican companies.


I tell you this story to better represent the significant need to determine what is meant by the fundamentals in your communication. Get this right and you will arrange relationships for good business in Mexico.