How to Tell If Diamonds are Real

How to Tell If Diamonds are Real

Diamonds are indeed beautiful precious stones that women covet. This stone, which is hailed as a symbol of glamour, has been widely marketed because the target market is so broad that there are many rhinestones out there. Diamonds are so enchanting that this stone also occupies the title of number one most challenging material globally, and only other diamonds can scratch diamonds.

Diamonds have always been the attraction of every woman. Its high price makes it very risky to buy it at an untrusted jewelry store. Real and fake diamonds are tough to distinguish. But if you know how to tell the difference, it will make it easier for you to get the diamond you like.

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You can get many advantages from shopping for jewelry online at For example, you can save time because you can do it anywhere if you are connected to the internet. Finding out if your diamond is real or fake can be tempting. Most people are curious about whether their diamonds are real or fake. Many people turn to, professional jewelry e-commerce, to get the Full Review. But you don’t have to be smart to tell the real thing from the fake; use the dew technique, observe and use a magnifying glass.

For women who can’t tell the difference between real and fake diamonds, consider the following tips:

A Simple Way to Know Real or Fake Diamonds

1. Testing with the Dew Technique

Place the diamond in front of your mouth and exhale the dew on the diamond-like you are blowing a mirror. If the moisture lasts for a few seconds, it’s probably fake. Natural diamonds immediately disperse the heat from your breath, so they don’t condense easily. It will still dry faster than the mock if you let it sit even after exhaling it.

If you put a diamond you know is real next to a diamond, you suspect and blow both. The natural diamond stays dry while the fake one is dewy. If you blow on the phony diamond many times, you will see the dew condensation turn into water. The phony diamond will continue dewy with each blow, while the real one will stay dry.

2. Put the Diamonds in the Newspaper

If the diamond is accurate, you will not be able to see the inscription on the shaded one on the diamond stone. Because natural diamonds have a complex inner side, the light will not be able to cast a shadow on the diamond stone.

3. See the Side of the Diamond

Natural diamonds will show a dazzling shine from various sides. Fake diamonds are often designed to only sparkle on the top but lackluster on the other side.

4. Testing the Diamond with a Magnifying Glass

You can usually borrow them from a jewelry store. Mined diamonds typically have a slight natural flaw called a loop. Look for tiny flakes of other minerals or very subtle discoloration. Both are signs that you are dealing with a genuine diamond, even if it is flawed.

So it would help if you did not make defects as the main criteria for determining the authenticity of a diamond before you carry out other tests such as using a microscope.

5. Color Range

Keep in mind that diamonds are not just white or clear. Some rare diamonds have colors other than transparent. So, you don’t need to hesitate when someone offers colored diamonds. The color range of this rare diamond is pink, yellow, and blue. Apart from these three colors, it is inevitable that the diamond is fake.

6. Can’t Float

The last test is the most straightforward and accessible. Natural diamonds don’t float, so you can try putting them in water. If the diamond floats, it is most likely the result of a natural diamond and a fake diamond or a total fake diamond.

Buy Real Diamonds

Doing a series of tests before buying a diamond is very important. However, can not all tests directly at the place of buying diamonds.

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