Buying Tickets On The Secondary Market

Buying Tickets On The Secondary Market

My Experience with Barry’s Tickets

There are many things these ticketing sites have to hide, while others make transparency a major feature of their platform. The aforementioned factors have made ticketing services like Barry’s Tickets more popular. However, what do they cost in the end?

Barry’s Tickets is a simple-to-use ticketing service.

From the home page, Barry’s Tickets offers a number of options to click on, such as popular events, local happenings, and just top events.

There are a variety of “assurances” advertised on the homepage. “Full Peace of Mind,” “100% Buyer Guarantee,” and others belong to this category. At first, I am relieved by their use because they seem like normal business phrases until I think about why they were trying to reassure me. I rationalized it away as them knowing that other ticketing sites may be unreliable and proceeded with my purchase.

I noticed right when I clicked on the website that they had tickets for one of the newer theaters near me for a stand-up performance that I’d been looking into. I’m not sure how to handle this. I know that this place does not sell its own tickets; instead, they go through Ticketmaster. 

I compared the prices of tickets from the source to those from Barry’s Tickets. The same pair of tickets might cost me $41.00 via Ticketmaster as opposed to $53.00 through Barry’s Tickets. The difference between $12.00 and nothing isn’t significant, but it’s enough to persuade me to stick with Ticketmaster.

I gave Barry’s Tickets a second chance at obtaining a ticket at a reasonable price. To see if they could provide me with a discount I couldn’t get anywhere else, I looked at a more popular event like Taylor Swift.

The first ticket I looked at was the cheapest one possible from Barry’s Tickets. It was still more than $50 above the average price for a ticket. I will give Barry’s Tickets a big thumbs up, however, for letting me know immediately upon picking that ticket that it would be an obstructed view.

I then glanced at floor seats. Barry’s Tickets quickly informed me that I had aisle seats and that a mobile device would be required to attend the event. I am an enthusiastic advocate of technology, but I also believe in having a fallback option. It was rather disheartening to learn that these tickets were really unprintable.

The last few tickets I looked at were close to the floor seats that I’d already glanced at, except they would be sent by e-mail. I had no idea that Barry’s Tickets maintained a “preferred seller” status for the vendor of these tickets. I liked the option to select individual seats, and I was satisfied with my decision to acquire these tickets. As a result, I proceeded straight to payment information.

Their checkout was simple to use and was all on one page. They even offer a buy now, pay later option on their tickets. There is also a final chance to go over your seats, and delivery or handling fee costs and everything is transparent.

How Does Barry’s Tickets Service Work?

In a nutshell, “Barry’s Tickets” is a full-service marketplace that allows fans to buy or resell tickets for their favorite sports, concerts, and theater productions.

In 1985 were founded on a passion for live events and a mission to improve and simplify the ticket-purchasing experience, and offer unmatched customer service, which means we’re committed to helping you find tickets quickly and safely, so you can focus on what matters: spending less, experiencing more.”

Barry’s Tickets Popularity

According to, Barry’s Tickets is currently the 49,571 most visited website in the world. This makes Barry’s Tickets one of the most visited and popular secondary ticketing websites in the world.

Barry’s Tickets Refund Policy:

Barry’s Tickets  100% Buyer Guarantee:

The 100% Buyer Guarantee assures that your transaction will be secure, that your tickets will arrive before the event, and that they will be valid and genuine. Your security is our top concern, and this Guarantee is an important part of our efforts to assure the safety of your purchase as well as your satisfaction and peace of mind. To learn more about how our Buyer Guarantee protects you, click here! 

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