Dos and don’ts for business success

5 business Dos and don’ts

Dos and don’ts for business success

Business success, while fairly simple to define, is notoriously difficult to achieve. A little over 50% of start-up companies fail within the first four years due to a range of reasons, from poor planning to cash flow issues. So how can success be achieved? What are the pitfalls that need to be avoided? Here, we offer some tips on how to survive the first few years and become one of the success stories.

  1. DO measure your progress

Benchmarking is key if you’re to measure your success. The first step is to define what constitutes success – is it product sales? Increased turnover? Uptake of free trials? Once the metrics are confirmed, make a report of where your business is at now and compare the results on a monthly basis. This will also help you to spot trends over the course of a year and identify what is and isn’t working for you.

  1. DO take a step back

Many small business owners can testify to the fact that a lot of time is spent on the day-to-day tasks. It can sometimes be difficult to find time to step back and review your activities, goals and overall strategy. But this is an essential part of remaining successful. Once a month or once a quarter, book in time to look at not only at your metrics but also at the state of the market and how you can improve your offering.

  1. DON’T rest on your laurels

Markets are fickle, so keeping up with customers’ changing demands is critical for success. Resting on your laurels and providing the same product or service without improving it isn’t an option if you want to stay at the forefront of your sector. Conduct surveys of your customers at regular intervals to find out how their needs are developing or if your offering can be improved. If you’re concerned about response rates, you can incentivise the survey with a prize draw.

  1. DON’T give new business preferential treatment

An easy trap to get caught in is to offer preferential treatment and priority to new business. That’s all very well, but your existing customers are paying for a service – and ultimately keeping your company afloat in the here and now. Sustainable growth often comes from a loyal base that believe in your brand. Reward customers for their loyalty and treat them as if they could move to a different supplier at any time – after all, they may do just that if you forget about them.

  1. DO ensure good financial management

The last – and perhaps most important – of our tips is to ensure you stay on top of your financial management. Businesses often run into trouble because they don’t have the right tools and processes to ensure cash flow is managed properly. Investing in good accounting software and having a knowledgeable tax advisor on hand are key to bringing in invoices and making necessary payments on time.

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Tips on increasing your follower count on Twitter

Twitter is a potent social media platform for businesses when employed in a right manner. Twitter can enable you in generating leads, building your brand image, networking and connecting with your prospect.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is an altogether different marketing platform and it brings different results compared to Facebook. For instance, you don’t have friends on Twitter. Instead, you got to have followers so that your tweets and posts can be liked, retweeted and shared.

Enjoying an active following on the limited-character social media platform isn’t only about status and the followers aren’t mere numbers. A business’s Twitter followers have real importance for its business performance. Consider this, about 36% of marketers have stated that they garnered one customer at a time by using the social media platform.

Here are some tips by which you can increase your follower count on Twitter and benefit from the several advantages of the widely used social media platform.

  1. Follow more and more Twitteratis: According to a research, there is a direct correlation between the number of followers of a person and the number of people he/she is following. The number of followers of a person is directly proportional to the number of people the person is following.
  2. Utilize one of the tools such as SproutSocial or Hootsuite for scheduling your tweets: If you post your tweets at a regular interval of time, then your visibility and engagement will rise, so will be your follower count.
  3. Utilize Twiends to reach out to new Twitteratis who will be interested to connect with you. After being listed on the platform, you will meet other users with the same interests as your’s, who will be able to connect with you and follow you
  4. Optimize your bio on Twitter: By optimizing your Twitter bio, you will be enabling the people interested in you and intending to find out more about you. Ensure that your Twitter bio is completely updated, professional, and does a great work of representing you and your business.
  5. Insert links in your tweets: When you insert links in your tweets, you have the have a greater chance of getting more likes and retweets compared to the ones that do not have links inserted to them.
  6. Insert relevant keywords in your bio so that your ranking is high in Twitter search: Apart from inserting all the relevant keywords in your Twitter bio, make sure that you insert your region and city name to attract local users.
  7. Insert relevant hashtags in your posts: Using hashtags can help you getting twice the engagement and catch the attention of the new Twitter users who are looking for the included keywords compared with the tweets without any hashtags.
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask for retweets: Tweets that have the line ‘please retweet’ in it get four times more retweets than those which don’t ask for retweets.
  9. Reach out to people you know by uploading your email contacts to your Twitter bio: The people who know you in person, and whom
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How Fridge Hire Works

It will be a relief to learn that sourcing mobile refrigeration hire facilities from proven service providers is easy and cost effective. Refrigerated trailers don’t require a degree to operate them and health and safety, food hygiene legislation and food quality standards can be met.

e.g. EU/UK Regulation EC No 852/2004 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs. This states that manufacturers must have suitable temperature-controlled handling and storage facilities that can maintain food at appropriate temperatures and are monitored, controlled and recorded.

How Fridge Hire Works

Whether you run a restaurant experiencing an increase in business, an event host who needs to chill 300 champagne flutes, a country house with a wedding booking or a hospital which needs additional medication storage space, you can confidently house significant amounts of stock with affordable fridge trailer hire. Call in a renowned and experienced company like Icecool Trailers.

Domestic party-givers and family events also benefit from refrigerated trailers hire and cold room rental.

Emergency mobile refrigeration is available 24/7 from the best firms so when a crisis occurs, seek efficient help.

Please identify the best service providers; your reputation and effectiveness are at risk when you take a cheap and cheerful option. If you get quotes and one seems suspiciously low compared to the others, please be wary. In a highly competitive market you’re already benefitting from excellent prices so one that appears odd normally indicates that the firm is trying to tempt customers, perhaps after an incident, complaint or bad publicity.

Don’t trust your mobile refrigeration needs to anyone but the best.

Cold rooms, fridge trailer hire units and their freezer counterparts are available in a range of sizes and capacities. e.g. 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m.  Ensure a capacity that allows stock to be clearly laid out and used first-in, first-out (FIFO.)

How long do you need mobile refrigeration hire for? Any duration is acceptable and if you need to extend a hire period this rarely presents an issue. Please hire facilities for an event and the preparation and clearing up times; this reduces stress and the money you spend for the extra hours of hire is negligible.

Fridge trailer hire facilities have wheels, so they can be relocated without effort. They can be positioned indoors or outdoors and can be powered by mains or generator. If you’re at an agricultural show, in the middle of a field, this is not a problem for professional refrigerated trailer experts.

The hire firm delivers the mobile refrigeration, sets it up, locates the shelves as you desire them and explains how to operate the unit.

At the end of the hire period, the firm will send operatives to down-power and remove the facilities.

There are no time costs, fuel charges or self-drive opportunities with trailers.

Although the refrigerated trailers are insured any stock placed in them requires a separate policy which it is the customer’s responsibility to source.

Refrigerated trailers have a clear entry/exit point; the doors operate from the inside and the lighting level allows visibility of the doors and … Read More

Should You Handle PR In-House?

Food PR in-house

Handling your PR in-house may seem an attractive solution; no third-party expert fees to pay. You can post online or secure a newspaper article without any specialist guidance. What additional attributes can a professional PR agency offer to steer consumers to your product? Who knows your product better than you and your team?

It can’t be difficult to get your brand and products noticed.

It can, and sustainable success is only assured with a food PR company.

  • Do you know precisely who and where your target audience is?
  • What makes your brand and product the must-have option?
  • After first contact, how can you retain interest?

In-house PR endeavours regularly focus on the incorrect markets or media which wastes time and resources; the possibilities can be reduced thanks to a knowledge gap, a lack of contacts or time to focus on a new approach. Call in a food PR company like Ceres PR.

It is essential that the consumer knows about the brand to engage in a lasting relationship with it.

  • Can they trust that products are sourced ethically?
  • Are workers treated well?
  • Is the brand community minded?
  • Does the brand focus on quality?
  • How does it achieve its promises?
  • What makes your product and brand a more attractive proposal than Brands A, B and C?
  • How can your brand enhance the consumer’s life or experience?

Stay one step ahead

Your in-house PR team may be the most attentive in the land, but they still won’t be able to predict new trends with accuracy in an ever-changing marketplace or replicate the reach and conversion rate from interest to sales that a professional PR agency managed initiative can.

For example, would your in-house PR team know how artificial intelligence is creating new challenges in the PR industry or the exact productivity of each individual social media channel?  Do they utilise brand storytelling in the most cost effective and efficient manner?

Using a food PR company ensures that the return on investment is substantial. Specialist PR agency teams can make the difference between a brand barely surviving and brand prosperity.

Creating brand ambassadors

In an increasingly digital era just having an online presence is insufficient; communications should engage, invite consumers to learn more and to return time after time, achieving repeat sales and recommendations to their friends and followers. Whoever connects with you on social media has the potential to become an unofficial and unpaid brand ambassador, they’re an invaluable resource.

You may think you know how to arrest a reader’s attention in blog posts and news updates but if readability, punctuation or spelling are lacking, these negatives suggest doubts in the consumer’s mind. If you can’t get the apostrophe in the right place or you sound uninspired by using bland language, why should consumers believe in you?

Placing communication tasks in the hands of PR agency representatives means that food PR is always positive, worded correctly and instils a wish to take positive action.

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Get Money Through Internet Easily Even If You are 12 Years Old!

If you have problem with your financial, there are many ways to improve your current conditons and sole your problem. One of the best way is by taking loan and cover up your financial need, thus improve your current financial status. However, if you are having trouble or do something negative such as late payment, getting arrested, bankruptcy or other negative action, your credit score might be low. Bad credit score means you cannot take conventional loan from bank or other loan organization. But, you dont need to worry, today i will provide you a step by step guide on how to get the best loan and improving your current financial and credit score. Otherwise, if you don’t want to get loan, you can make money as a 12 year old easily!

Checking your current credit score status

You can chek your credit score through 3 main organization that assessing credit score in this country. You are eligible to get free credit score report if you are united states citizen. However, you may pay for credit score report if you already take free credit score report. Check your credit score and how bad your score is, you may also check why your credit score are bad.

Checking information on the credit score

Through credit score report, you can check information about your credit history and find out what makes yout credit score report are bad. You may also check your personal infomation on your credit report and ensure that any information are correct, otherwise your credit score might be plummet because of wrong information on your credit score and persona detail.

Getting alternative loan that doesn’t require good report

Conventional loan from bank or other loan organization are required you to have higher score than standard, if your credit score are below standard then you are not eligible to take their loan. But, you may get the loan of you provide assets as a collateral.

Another alternative are getting loan from your family. While it migh cause awkwardness into your relationship between family, but this is the easiest way to get proper loan with flexible term even with bad credit score. However, i recommend you to set term and get statement of loan in written form to avoid future dispute.

Another way to get loan are by getting loan from payday loan agency. This kind of agency provides you fresh cash without considering your credit score. This way, you get financial help without worrying about your credit score. However, you will need to be aware of interest rate of this kind of loan. This kind of loan are having high interest, so make sure that you are taking this kind of loan when you are not on emergency. I recommend you to check this website for more information about credit loan properly. Make sure that you are getting bad credit loan from company that provides you clear and concise term about their loan. Dont forget to pay them before due … Read More