Understanding Link Building For Your Small Business

Understanding Link Building For Your Small Business

Understanding Link Building in your Small Business is one of the essential parts to get traffic to your site.

The majority of people who use the internet do so for information; it may be on banking, shopping, news, employment or education. Most people’s first port of call is the internet.

Businesses with products and services to offer will work hard to ensure that customers find them on the net and that is the heart of their business approach online. It is, therefore not enough to just host a website and hope traffic will get to it. The small business will need to push and direct traffic to the site.

Link building for the small business is one vital element to achieving traffic. Getting good inbound link to your site will help the search engine judge how popular your site is or is becoming. A higher level of popularity will guide the search engine to your site.

All links are important but some are more important than others because of the presence on the web of the site linking to you.

Links from relevant sites in your area that already have a presence online are more valuable to your rise in the search engines.

So where do you get those links from? You need an organized process to build quality backlinks over time. Here are four areas that will help you find the backlinks you will need.

• Directory submissions are one the easiest ways to get backlink. Go on Google and do a search with your keyword with “add url” placed after it. A number of sites where you can add your site will come up. Another way is keyword the “add site” or “add website” and just go through and choose where you want to add your site.

• Article submissions are one of the easiest ways to get contextual backlinks. These back links are embedded in the text of an article and have more weight than text located in other areas of a webpage. Make sure these are submitted to the relative directories online and that a backlink is put either in their resource box or where the directory directs. It is important to make sure that the article is on your blog or site before submitting or Google will see the article as duplicate and punish your efforts.

• Blog marketing is a good way to get backlinks. You need to get “dofollow” links. If the links are “nofollow” then the search engine will not follow the link back to you. You can register with blog directories that will help you get those backlinks by commenting on other blogs in your niche.

• Video marketing posting on different services, not only YouTube as there are hundreds of other site that can be valuable. Posting on the important or popular ones will get links back to your site. Always remember to put a link on the first line on your video pointing to your site or blog

The important thing to remember is some links are weightier than others; the point here is to have a good assortment and to be regular in building those links over time and that will eventually push your site up the search engines and in the eyes of the public.

We understand there is a lot of concern these days about search engines and link building. Above we have covered just a few solid ways of getting good backlinks to your websites. Be sure to continue to research and understand what it takes to acquire good links. Don’t allow the changes of search engines to stop you in your track and not continue to effectively grow your business.