Tips for Choosing a Shower Curtain

Tips for Choosing a Shower Curtain

Curtains have developed in such a way from the shape to the different placement. One of the newest and most sought-after curtains to beautify the bathroom is the Shower Curtain. Even the model of this bathroom curtain has some clear variety that are growing and adapted to the shape of the bathroom, whether minimalist or luxurious.

This shower curtain has many benefits when installed. One of them is to block excess light from entering the bathroom space. The rest can be used to add decoration in the bathroom.

In fact, installing this bathroom curtain requires some special tips to avoid mistakes in its installation. Of course not everyone knows this especially if you decide to install it yourself.

Choose the Right Material and Curtains

Before deciding to buy a shower curtain, don’t forget to find out the right shape and material for your bathroom. Make sure the materials you choose are durable and suitable for your bathroom model. Some references so that you don’t buy the wrong one can be seen on the latest minimalist bathroom curtain site.

Initially, Shower Curtains were only made of thin plastic materials that were easily torn and required frequent replacement. But now it has grown and can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

Although the bathroom is a humid place and causes the cloth to get wet faster, in fact this shower curtain has been made specifically for the bathroom. The shower curtain will dry quickly and not get dirty so it is more efficient to use.

Check Ring

The next tip in buying a bathroom curtain is to check whether there is a ring that will be used to install the curtain. If you forget or don’t have time to check and it turns out that there is no ring in it, you can still install it yourself with the help of wire or other hooks. But this will reduce the level of beauty of the curtains.

The hook that is made yourself is of course also different from the hook that should be. Moreover, wire is a material that rusts quickly and is not suitable to be placed in a damp place such as a bathroom.

Check the Overall Part of the Curtain

Before buying, don’t forget to always check all parts of the curtain, whether it’s the smallest part. This is to find out any damage or leaks that may occur in the curtains. Actually, the hole or leak that occurs in the curtain has no effect on its function as a bathroom curtain.

It’s just that it will spoil the beauty of the curtains to be installed. The most crucial is usually a small hole that will invite or lead to a larger hole later. So it is better to be careful before buying so as not to be disappointed and experience losses.

Install from the Edge

Find the end of a curtain. The tip usually forms a thick and rough cloth. Take the tip correctly, don’t get it wrong, then look for the curtain hole. Usually this curtain hole is still closed but has been printed round to make it easier for the installers.

Then attach the hook to a used ring or a custom made hook. Don’t forget to attach these 12 curtain hooks, don’t forget anything because it will reduce the level of strength.

Then take the stick that is used as the base of the shower curtain. Then insert the rings one by one, being careful not to break them into the stick. Make sure the stick hole fits and is not too big because it will be difficult to enter.

Curtains Ready to Use

Then finally attach the stick to the base of the corner of the bathroom that will be used. Then trim the curtains that have been installed neatly. Then the curtain is ready to use. is a curtain company that sells various types of shower curtains, the best choice for your bathroom. Please click the link in this article to reach it out.