Reliv International Business Review – Is This a Legit Company? Reliv International MLM Opportunity

Reliv International Business Review - Is This a Legit Company? Reliv International MLM Opportunity

Reliv International is often an MLM company masters in health insurance natural supplements. The company was started back in 1988 by Robert and Sandy Montgomery. The company today is within 14 different countries around the globe and is growing at a rapid rate.

The company’s primary goal is always to nourish the entire world. As mentioned before, Reliv is a health insurance and nutritional supplement company. They give attention to three main areas regarding health; the 3 areas are nutrition, fat loss, and answers to medical problems.

The company’s main products are called: Reliv Classic and Now, which can be a part of their nutrition focus; Simplicity, which is a health policy for shedding pounds; plus they carry products for blood glucose management, digestive health, energy, women’s health, joint, heart, and age reversing products.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Reliv can be a network marketing company meaning they follow the MLM business structure. Instead of selling their goods to get, they will use distributors to visit out and then sell on their goods. To become a distributor you have to apply which will cost around $40; after you turned into a distributor you’ll continue paying a fee every month that is similar to the application form fee.

As a distributor, your main goal is just not necessarily to offer but to recruit. Not only do you obtain a commission from all of your sales nevertheless, but you also be given a commission from everyone you’ve recruited into the company. The percentage which you make from each person is dependent upon what level you’ve reached working which can be based on the size of your network. It ranges from 8% – 2%.

The earning potential within Reliv is just like most multi-level marketing companies. Your success will probably be determined by the capability to recruit friends and family. You need to know that success won’t happen overnight, but over time with many different efforts, it is possible to reach the level of success that you just’re searching for.

If you feel comfortable recruiting your family and friends or trying to get these to get your products then this company should be a great fit for. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with people and persuading the crooks to have a go at the corporation then you may want to continue searching for a different work from home business.