Exploring The ‘Creative Digital Agency’ Concept

Exploring The 'Creative Digital Agency' Concept

Any conversation on the topic of the ‘creative agency’ can often result in blank looks.

In fact, bring up any of the following terms; ‘digital agency’, ‘advertising agency’, ‘print agency’, or even ‘marketing agency’ and you are often met with the same looks of bewilderment that would be the result of speaking Martian.

As easy as it would be to simply write off this attitude as ignorance – but that’s not useful or (in many cases) the truth. The confusion may stem from the fact that it’s difficult to pin down exactly what it is that a creative agency actually does. The fact is, that’s a question that can be pretty challenging to answer.

So, in order to still the chatter we have applied our minds to addressing the most common questions about the services and functions of a creative agency.

How do we define a ‘Creative Agency?’

In a nutshell, a creative agency Hampshire can be defined as one that offers strategic and tactical implementation advice and services related to marketing, branding, design, above and below-the-line advertising, Public Relations, and digital marketing services. The client base typically is a mix of large, medium, and smaller businesses.

Crio fits this mould. The company focuses on providing services and advice related to building and marketing a brand. This can involve the development of an integrated strategy and the development of several elements, including brand identity, and increasing brand awareness through the use of integrated marketing strategies. The tactical implementation may include online activity such as projects aimed at growing the success of the organic search, online advertising, the design and production of promotional materials – and a myriad of other creative and brand design services.

Some companies use creative agencies due to the fact that it makes sound financial sense. By handing over creative strategy and associated tasks to an external agency, the business eliminates investment in expensive in-house human resources and other assets. Agencies are also extremely useful for tactical projects such as logos or corporate/brand website design.

What makes Crio Different?

Crio is a one-stop digital shop, what is known as a ‘full-service’ agency, but with a focus on digital. Our staff consists of graphic designers, UX/UI experts, web developers, copywriters, digital marketing experts, brand strategists – and many other creatively inclined professionals. We can bring a brand strategy to vibrant life – and leverage digital channels to increase the effectiveness of marketing messages.

The combination of skillsets results in an agency that vibrates with creativity, tempered by an in-depth knowledge of strategy generation.

Is a Creative Agency right for You?

The answer is probably yes. Any business that needs creative, out-of-the-box thinking, brand services, campaign design, management services, or marketing advice will benefit from a relationship with Crio.

Creative agencies are characterized by a commitment to assisting an organization meet its business goals. The assistance takes the form of advice on brand development, a creative marketing strategy formulated to address the unique needs of the business, content creation including copy and visual elements – and optimizing digital assets such as the company website. These elements act in concert to make a brand relevant to its target audience in a compelling and creative way.

What does a Creative Agency offer your Business?

Creative agencies have a wealth of experience in the fields of marketing and advertising. This experience spans areas such as developing an engaging brand campaign that is informed by strategic priorities and insights, designing logos that stand out from the rest, looking at issues such as legibility when it comes to font usage on different platforms (including social media channels), website design, the tried and proven email campaigns and other elements too numerous to mention.

What are the Benefits of Using a Creative Agency?

The benefits of using such an agency include the fact that they are ideally positioned to assist a company in reaching its business goals. The advice and services of the creative Agency promote greater customer satisfaction through the improvement of the customer experience – based on creative design, branding, and an enhanced online and product experience.

There are other reasons to retain the services of a creative agency. These include; access to experts that understand the industry and business imperatives, access to specialist services, providing a resource for the development of consistent messaging across multiple channels, ensuring consistency of messaging and an effective ‘brand voice’ – and the development of professional and effective marketing materials. Each of these functions plays an essential part in differentiating the organization and its services/products from those of the compeittion.

Creative vs Digital Agencies – What’s the Difference?

A head-to-head comparison of a creative vs a digital agency does reveal some interesting differentiating factors. For instance, Crio Digital focuses on strategy and tactics related to marketing strategy, lead generation, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing – in other words, a digital agency for a digital world.