Why Businesses Are More Reliant on Their Online Presence

Why Businesses Are More Reliant on Their Online Presence

The internet has played an increasingly large role in commerce over the past 20 years, with the COVID-19 pandemic seeing a massive spike in the number of businesses ensuring they have an online presence.

Why Businesses Are More Reliant on Their Online Presence

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Why is e-commerce booming?

A rapid rise in rent prices has gradually been driving businesses toward an online-only mode of operation for years; however, 2020 was the year that really saw the online world become crucial for all businesses, with the COVID-19 pandemic speeding up this process. With repeated lockdowns still occurring in various parts of the world, businesses are no longer necessarily able to make profits by relying on supplying their wares in shops.

Which businesses have gone online?

Huge online companies such as Amazon and Alibaba are well known, but they are not the only businesses that have become more reliant on their online presence to make sales. Small and medium-sized businesses have found themselves having to focus on their online presences more than ever before since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. An international survey by the National Academy of Sciences surveyed 5,800 small and medium-sized enterprises and found that 58 per cent had had to shut their premises temporarily or permanently due to the pandemic.

Why Businesses Are More Reliant on Their Online Presence

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How can businesses make the most of their online presence?

The first key part of a business’s online presence is having a well-built and appealing website. Your website should accurately represent your brand and the services and/or products you provide. A good starting …

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How to Build a Great Web & Mobile Marketplace

How to Build a Great Web & Mobile Marketplace

Online marketplaces are just shopping centers but in digital form. Over the past couple of decades, the digitalization has come to any possible industry, and retail is not an exception. Nowadays, only small local businesses can operate without an online platform. Not every company can afford a designated website just for its products. To be precise, not every company really needs it. Web marketplaces provide a convenient and accessible platform for any business owner to display their products and offer services.

Working with certain online marketplaces is extremely beneficial for businesses as everyone knows about the most popular websites. It is impossible to find a person that did not at least hear about such international sites as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, and many others. A good web marketplace comes with credibility and a convenient shopping experience as all the products you might need are collected on the same website and carefully cataloged.

The Advantages of Working with Online Marketplaces

Apart from being a more affordable option than investing in your own website, online marketplaces have many other benefits. In reality, even the most popular international brands use various web markets as their outlets in addition to personalized web pages. Here are some of the key advantages of displaying your products and services on digital marketplaces:

  • Brand awareness – investing in SEO is a smart move as your brand will appear on the top searches in Google and other engines. However, to come across your company this way, a client has
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Set Your Trading Goals like a pro

Set Your Trading Goals like a pro

When you are actively participating in the market you must have gone through the common query where people asked about setting your trading goals. Well if you still do not have any, we request you to take time out of your schedule and go over this piece of writing so that you are fully determined on what you are headed to. 

Traditional concept of trading

Most people in the Forex market are only concerned with how much percentage, money, and pips to deal with. Narrowing down your objectives does nothing but put you in a restraint that you can’t possibly get out of or make constant losses that will drive you out of the market in no time. Instead of thinking about big profit, learn how to do the perfect technical and fundamental analysis.

Studying the chart is known as technical analysis which gives you the potential entry and exit point for a trade. And the fundamental analysis will help you to assess the economic performance of a certain country which will eventually help to assess the quality of the trade setup. For instance, if the employment claim data in the U.S falls, it means, U.S currency will do well against most of its major rivals as more jobs are added to their economy.

Taking the steps

The first step is the realization that you have no control over the levels of earning you make out of a market at a given time. No matter how strong your investment and …

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Tips For Hiring In-Home Employees

Tips For Hiring In-Home Employees

Hiring employees that will be working closely in your home or with your children is not an easy task. There is always risk involved while working with others in such an intimate fashion, but that is not to say you can’t have a trustworthy relationship with your employees. Here are a few tips for hiring in-home personnel. 

Run Background Checks

It is a good idea to look into background check services for employers before conducting interviews and making sure you put your research to use, even on your standout candidates. It can be easy to skip through the hassle of running a fine-tooth comb through your potential hire’s past, but it is an essential task in getting offering the job to the best applicant.

Call References

Questioning references can give you an insight into the type of contender you are considering based on past employers’ experience. Talking to the previous bosses of your future nanny, housekeepers or personal assistants is a great way to find out if the partnership would be a good fit. You can get a feel of what kind of work ethic your tops choices may have and confirm the information on their resumes.

Go With Your Gut

First impressions are huge aspects of the hiring process and should be considered in these circumstances. While you should interview as many options as are available, there is no shame in having front runners. You can take your strongest candidates and have them over for a working interview so …

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Chinese influence on the US and Global Economy Part 4 of 4

Chinese influence on the US and Global Economy Part 4 of 4

In the fourth and final series of my four sections on China’s influence on the US and the global economy, we focus on the benefits of working with international expertise for your business if you have plans to enter the Chinese business market. My extensive Asian market business experience encouraged me to write this series so that you can help you better understand how you can open your business to benefit from the Chinese market.

Cultural mistakes can take a lot of time

In 1973, Procter & Gamble sought to expand their Camay soap line in Japan. Their ad showed a Japanese man meeting a Japanese woman for the first time, and praising her on porcelain dolls like her skin (achieved with a firm soap, of course).

Over the next 13 years, the company lost $ 25 million in the market. Japanese people shouldn’t be soft soapy.

Best intentions …

P&G is a large corporation, and has been warned by advertising consultants that advertising (which has been running successfully in many other countries) will not work. But P&G executives ignored it.

The problem is that while Western culture sees the ‘porcelain doll’ praise flattering, in Japan it is seen as disrespectful. The ad said ‘use Camay and attract abusive comments’.

That is a very special cultural difference because of the lack of understanding between Western norms and people in societies that are as different as those around the Pacific Rim. Often differences are more down to earth: legal, logistical, linguistic, …

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