6 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

6 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Books like ‘The richest Man In Babylon or Why Ask Why’ encourage you to save and invest in making money. However, why should you read books to learn how to save or invest? Many people do not understand that reading is vital to building a successful business.

Why? That is because it allows you to learn and cover all the relevant topics you should cover as an entrepreneur. However, finding the right book is a problem for many people. You can check out luminablog.com for business tips as an entrepreneur. If you need online money transfer services, then the blog is the right one for you. Some books that you should read as an entrepreneur include:

1.  Passion and Purpose: Stories From The Best and Brightest Business Leaders

Author: Daniel Gulati et Al.

Passion and purpose give deep insights into the morals and vision of tomorrow’s leaders. It is a fantastic read that deals with the concepts of globalization, sustainability, technology, diversity, learning, among many other important topics that affect modern history. It also strives to proffer inspiration and ideas for business leaders who hope to change the world. In this book, many graduates of Havard business school share personal stories on their handling of leadership positions. They give examples of their setbacks and successes and provide ideas and practices that might shape the business world in the nearest time to come.

2.  The Man Who Wanted To Be Happy

Author: Laurent Gounelle

This book instructs every entrepreneur on the aspiration of happiness. It discusses how our thoughts and principles shape our lives and becomes our reality. Lessons that you can glean from this book include the true nature of happiness, how to manifest our hopes and dreams, and how to discover yourself. It is a book that teaches one how to think outside the box.

3.  Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Author: Bill Aulet

Nobody was born with the skills of an entrepreneur, and it can be taught to you if only you want to learn. Disciplined Entrepreneurship will help you to change how you handle situations as an entrepreneur. It allows you to create your start-up successfully by developing an innovative product. Do you want to own a business but do not know how to go about it? Then, this is the book for you. It breaks down the process into a comprehensive 24-step framework that anyone can learn and apply.

4.  Running Lean

Author: Ash Maurya

Many opportunities open up to you if you are innovative. Many products or business ideas fail because we do not complete building the idea, we waste time, money, effort, and sometimes, we build the wrong product. Every entrepreneur wants to be sure that they are not wasting time on a failed product, which Running Lean is about. It helps you vet ideas and raises the odds of success.

5.  Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire People To Take Action

Author: Simon Sinek

This book analyzes the top business leaders and thinkers of the day and submits that they all think the same way. To get to where they now are, they first asked the question of why. The author admonishes entrepreneurs to move past knowing what to do and how to do it to why they do what they do. This will help them achieve their dreams quickly.

6.  7 Habits for Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen Covey

This book offers a principled approach to solving professional and personal issues. The author creates a step-by-step framework for living with human virtues like honesty, integrity, et cetera. And by employing these principles, one can take advantage of business opportunities.

Reading solves a lot of life and business problems. It will help you maneuver life problems with ease. You only have to open your mind and let the seeds of knowledge germinate in your mind.